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Front Cover- JPEGThe Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption

Anyone who was adopted or who has adopted a child will find The Goodbye Baby a comforting and inspiring read. It takes one on a journey through the thorny issues of adoption, a search for healing, and an inspiring finale.

312 pages/ Paperback $16.11/ Kindle edition $3.99/ Hardcover $28.99

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Santa Fe Blogger traces an adoptee’s journey to wholeness and authenticity. One blog post at a time, Author and Blogger Elaine Pinkerton comes to grips with the lack of a family tree and the need to “adopt” who one really is. In 48 blog posts, this inspiring collection documents the journey of an adult adoptee. After years of searching, Pinkerton finally accepts the lack of a traditional family tree and ultimately “adopts” herself. As a follow-up to her memoir, The Goodbye Baby,  Santa Fe Blogger is a must read for anyone who is adopted or who cares about adoption issues.
78 pages/$2.99 kindle
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The Santa Fe Trail by Bicycle

by Elaine Pinkerton

With its new status as a National Historic Trail, the terrain between Santa Fe, New Mexico and New Franklin, Missouri attracts more and more people seeking out scenic and historic riches. Each chapter covers a day of the bicycle trek, offering Santa Fe Trail facts and a sweeping picture of the Santa Fe Trail. For the long distance bicycle tourist, this 21-day adventure can be undertaken in its entirety or a week at a time. Note: though original trail ruts can be seen along the way, much of the route has been covered up with modern –civilization.

Special features include: trail history and historical sites, bicycle and accessory selection, training and safety tips, trail photograph (then and now), touring information and ride schedules, maps and charts.

$12.95 (Free Shipping & Handling)
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 Beast of Bengal

by Elaine Pinkerton

As World War II rages in the Pacific, U.S. and British soldiers fight their own battles in the steamy jungles of Burma. But in an American military hospital in Calcutta, something is terribly amiss. Army psychologist Richard Benet refuses to acknowledge that his commanding officer, Colonel James “Mac” McDermott, is smuggling drugs out of the hospital to support not only an opium addiction but also the Indian Independence Movement. Only after the psychologist is kidnapped by Indian insurgents and imprisoned with a man-eating Bengal guard tiger does he admit the ugly truth. Calcutta’s U. S. Army base is under siege. Only Benet can save the base hospital. First, however, he must escape from Calcutta’s underground prison.

This historical fiction features the internecine battles for Indian independence between those advocating the violent removal of Westerners and those loyal to Mohandas Gandhi.

245 pages/ Paperback/$17.95
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From Calcutta With Love

by Elaine Pinkerton

The heroic saga of China Burma India, World War II’s forgotten theater is seldom told. CBI ground troops were charged with the Herculean labor of building the Ledo Road, a crucial link between India and China. Merrill’s Marauders hacked through Burma’s jungles to ensure that munitions were supplied to the Chinese. They braved the worst weather and diseases in the world. Conditions sometimes drove men to madness.

The World War II letters to home written by Lt. Richard Beard, an Army psychologist assigned to the 142nd General Hospital in Calcutta give CBI history a human voice. Beard spent 18 months dealing with emotional trauma of the culturally shocked, battle traumatized and emotionally burned-out victims of India and World War II. A pillar to the men he served, Beard was an astute listener and observer, pleased to be serving his country. His own pillar was his wife Rita, half a world away in Findlay, Ohio. Inspired by deep love and longing, Beard’s epistles rank with the best of love letters written during World War II. The original letters of both Richard and Reva Beard are archived in the History Museum of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

382 pages/ Hard Cover/ $16.95
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