About the Author

Elaine Pinkerton, author and educator, avid hiker and grandmother of three, holds MA degrees in literature from the University of Virginia and from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Writing is her first love, but she’s held many other jobs, including ski coach, technical writer, defensive driving instructor, and elementary school librarian._MG_5404 2

She is a freelance journalist, with articles published in Runner’s World, Family Circle, New Mexico Magazine and Tumbleweeds Family Magazine. She is the author of three novels featuring the theme of adoption: Beast of Bengal, All the Wrong Places, and The Hand of Ganesh. Her published works include the book The Goodbye Baby, A Diary about Adoption.

A lifetime of keeping a diary, combined with the desire to face the issues of growing up as an adoptee, resulted in The Goodbye Baby, A Diary about Adoption.  After the deaths of the four people closest to her, she reviewed the written past, as reviewed in her diaries. The resulting insights helped her shed the past and know the way to a future.

To learn more about Elaine Pinkerton, or to contact her you can email her at: elaine.coleman2013@gmail.com or visit here


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