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We swelter; we await afternoon rains; we live in the hope that our leaders will address climate change in meaningful ways.

This spring and summer, New Mexico suffered the worst wildfires in its history. Over 899,000 acres burned from major wildfires around the state. Four times the yearly average. Following the inferno, we had a blessing from Mother Nature, abundant afternoon rainfall, our vitally important “monsoon season.” The rains seemed to end. Now, in late July, we Santa Fe, New Mexico residents are suffering from relentless heat. Day after day, records are broken.

This morning, however, provided blessed relief. Clouds moved into Santa Fe, and it was actually cool. Not enough for a jacket, but refreshingly chilly. The shift reminded me that this season too will pass.

Please join me as I recollect today’s outing. First, I climbed to the boulders halfway up Sun Mountain. Looking down toward the city of Santa Fe provided a reassuring overview. 

After “Monte Sol,” I walked the Foothills Trail loop that I traverse nearly every day. First, there was the sculpture that neighbors have stationed on their property, a sort of Samurai Warrior acting as sentry over our homes.

As I strolled around a curve in the loop, the last third of the daily peregrination, I marveled at yet another beautiful skyscape in this land of beautiful skies. Below it, a construction site. Yet another new home. My city is seeing a constant influx of new arrivals. It’s lamented and sometimes resented, but there is no way to close the gates. Mostly, I’m grateful that I live in such an inviting location.

Miraculously, the coolness persisted. The clouds will clear and temperatures will once again rise, but for now, the air was benign. I’ve adopted an attitude of gratitude that will last all day.

As a final gift, I returned home to a visit from my backyard deer. I’ve named this one Nellie.

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