Bosque del Apache is one of my favorite places in the world. My friend Roberta has captured its essence.

 It is the season that thousands of birds, hundreds of species make their yearly return to El Bosque del Apache. Unfortunately, they will not find their winter haven as lush as in previous years, The drought has diminished the wetlands and dried the grasses, leaving their feeding and roosting grounds parched and colorless. I wrote this poem in honor of them in better times, with the hope now that those times are soon restored, for them and for us, 

They arrive
     wings fluttering the air, cries piercing the sky,
     fleeing turbulent currents and threatening climes.
They land
     in flocks, find footing in fields and ponds
     hospitably prepared to receive them.
They mingle
     ducks feeding among geese next to cranes, 
     turkeys roosting above nesting pheasants.

The distant dark season passes,
     clouds clear to blue,
     winds calm and soften.
Some return
     to remembered regions
     that call back to former ways.
Others remain
     to produce new generations
     that know no other place as home.

May diversity continue to enrich our land.