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Note from Elaine: I’m adopting poetry for this first post of 2017, contributed by a writer friend whose work I’ve admired for many years. Her beautifully crafted images capture much of what there is to love in northern New Mexico. Join Roberta as she takes you through Northern New Mexico’s palette with intimate details, sweeping panoramas, and all kinds of weather!

Grace Notes of 2016 in Jaconita

A form that's both ancient and contemporary.

A form that’s perfect for today.

by Roberta Fine

Snow enhancing trash.
Crystal-crusted broken hoe
Crowned by red-topped finch.

Wrinkled, folded hills
Holding ancient secrets.
Spinning fireside tales.

Finely crafted nest.
Feathered weaver’s masterwork.
Lying on the ground.

Silver silhouette
Truchas Peaks shining in new
White Communion dress.img_2917

Hummingbird stealing
Insects from spider’s rich cache
In window cobweb.

Slim moon slice smiling
In arching black velvet sky
Empty of storm clouds.

Coral fruit crowning
Lushly-leaved apricot tree.
Feathered thieves dive in.

Monarch’s stained glass wings
Fanning magenta blossoms.
Sipping as it clings.

Apple scented breeze
Stirring hollow wooden chimes
Into two note song.

Caught in burnt-red sprays,
October sun igniting
Locust’s vibrant leaves.

Yellow butterfly
No bigger than a nickel
Finding last flower.

White veil laid smoothly
Overnight over Sangres.
Valley brown, leafless.

Poet Roberta Fine lives and writes in Jaconita, New Mexico. She finds inspiration from the diverse seasons and scenery of the Southwest.

What are your favorite scenes from home and environs in your corner of the world? Please send comments, and tune in to Elaine’s website every other Monday for a fresh blog post about adoption, hiking and life.

Roberta Fine adopted Haiku as her medium of expression

Roberta Fine has adopted Haiku as her medium of expression