In my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, we are fortunate to have a community supported public radio station, KSFR (101.1 FM). It is true, as the announcement goes, that KSFR offers “a world of diversity.” My day begins and ends with listening to this ever-entertaining and informative resource.

Additionally, I’ve been a writer all my life. For most of my “writing career,” I’ve been my own publicist. A fortuitous synchronicity occurred during the recent KSFR fall fund drive. As usual during these campaigns, I volunteered to serve as a phone volunteer. It so happened that Dr. Melanie Harth, producer of “Living from Happiness” was volunteering during the same time slot. Between answering phones, we struck up a conversation. She invited me to be interviewed on her lively Saturday morning program. The show aired at 7:30 a.m. on November 28th and focused on The Goodbye Baby-Adoptee Diaries. Many of my friends and blog readers heard it, but because of the early hour, many didn’t. For them, I’m sending out the following link. If you missed the interview, enjoy hearing it for the first time. If you tuned before, listen again and send me your comments.  Thank you!