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Note: Life Story Facilitator Ellen Antill has helped me greatly with recovery from the invisible woulds of adoption.  In today’s guest post, Ellen writes about a playful kind of freedom that can be applied to ones writing, emotional development, and living life more authentically.  I’ll be adding the key idea—allowing—to my 2015 guiding principles. Whatever your journey, you might want to join her in adopting the word ALLOWING.

I have a very dear friend who, at the beginning of each new year, chooses the kind of Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 9.22.37 PMsandbox she wants to play in.  In other words, she sets an intention for the life experience she wants to call into reality.

I began a similar custom a while back, selecting a guiding internal energy for the fresh year.  And I love my friend’s emphasis on playing, or thriving, in a particular kind of environment of her own creation.

What guiding energy will you choose for 2015?  What sandbox do you want to play in?

I’ll be playing in the allowing sandbox.

Allowing is all about giving myself time and space to rest and care for myself with luxurious abundance . . . asking the dreams I envision personally and professionally to easily flow into my life . . . allowing myself to release pushing and pressuring myself to accomplish timelines and agendas.

Allowing means calling in genuine vulnerability and peaceful strength to set the pace for my journey . . . inviting fears to dissipate . . . fear that I won’t “make it” (what does that mean anyway, “making it?”), fear that I’ll appear incompetent if I don’t have it all together, fear that I won’t have all the answers to move forward.

Allowing means letting unconditional love fill my spirit and come pouring right on through to touch everyone in my world.

In her own words…
One of the key reasons Ellen is on the planet is to facilitate the Storytellers process, a personal growth experience she designed 10 years ago for older girls and women.  Much of this process is about providing an emotionally safe environment where girls and women – individually or in small groups — can share and embrace their “original stories” and learn to love themselves.  Storytellers also supports girls and women in creating vibrant new life stories for their present and future.

Ellen Antill, M.A.Headshot EA Dec 2014
Founder/Executive Director
Storytellers: Women Creating New Life Stories
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