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In dealing with adoption questions such as, Are my “real” parents my adoptive mom and dad or the parents who are biologically related to me?, I’ve learned that a lot depends on perspective. Some people, especially those living in the harsher climes, look at winter as tedious, dreary, uncomfortable. Others, ignoring the cold, choose to notice the beauty. Today’s guest blogger and poet Roberta Fine has adopted the season in all its loveliness. She’s chosen details that feed the spirit and imagination. As we begin the shortest days of the year, enjoy her Haiku Scenes of Winter

Baldy disappears

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Behind descending veil–

Birds crowd feeder.


Brown, wrinkled, puffy–

Frozen apples still on tree

Feed the winter birds.


Ravens trail coyote,

Hoping he’s a good hunter,

Will leave leftovers.


Cooking up a stew—

Birds aren't the only ones who like apples even if they're frozen.

Birds aren’t the only ones who like apples even if they’re frozen.

Sunlight streaming through window

In my warm kitchen.


Mountain emerges

From cloud in late afternoon—

Sparkling, massive jewel.


Winter moon shining

Softly on violet snow—

Dogs barking to come in.


Shopping for some bread

In the store a stranger’s smile

Brightens the cold, grey day.


Cutting wind shakes trees.

Scatters seeds from bird feeder.

Birds peck through ice film.


NOTE FROM ELAINE: Adoption issues occupied up my psychological “real estate” for too many years. It was more than time to transcend them, to wake up and live more positively. Christmas and the holiday season, I propose, offer the perfect time to shed any self-images that tarnish and corrode. The luminosity of Roberta Fine’s winter haikus reminded me of the world’s beauty.  What are YOUR favorite winter images? I’d love to hear about them! Please comment below or reach me on Twitter @TheGoodbyeBaby.

See the world through adoption-colored glasses-Every other Monday.

See the world through adoption-colored glasses-Every other Monday.