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Working on the Adventures of Arundati, my fictional adoptee

Elaine revising the plot of “Arundati”/ Drawing by Christine Boss

I’m old enough to recall the song from the 1950s about those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer, but I’m trying to remember: What they were like? Were they a figment of our imaginations? Did they even exist?

This summer, I’m planning to be not lazy or hazy but industrious. Maybe a little bit crazy, as that is often the perfect state of mind for plotting a novel. Well…Perhaps sometimes lazy, but only after working two to five hours daily on my book.

Last December, I toured Southern India to research a sequel to Beast of Bengal. India inspired a whole new plot. Not to my surprise, it features the odyssey of Arundati, an Indian-American adoptee who travels to Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka to learn about her origins.

The ideas are percolating. To allow time for them to blossom, I’m switching to a bi-weekly blogging schedule. Before the first snowflakes fall, I’ll be back to posting every Monday. In the meantime, please know your readership means the world to me. Comments are always welcome!

Elaine digs through old diaries for character clues.

Elaine digs through old diaries for character clues.