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NOTE: Being at home in the world, one of the lessons of adoption recovery, is a good motto for not just adoptees but everyone. Christine Boss, author of today’s guest post, has a flair for life, no matter where it takes her. Her piece about Oscar Night at the Beach  reveals how one can be alone but far from lonely.

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Puerto Vallarta Airport
Off the plane (two connecting flights)
Out of the complimentary limo
Up to the room
Out of travel clothes layered for rain and snow
Into comfortable cottons and flip flops and hat too
Down the elevator

Straight to the beach

Feet in the sand
Toes in the water
Banderas Bay embracing me

Following the curve of the land meeting water
I walk

It was easy to adopt this heavenly beach location

Climbing over rock outcroppings extending like fingers
Passing palapas shading reclining sunbathers
Seeing familiar buildings
Finding new ones surrounded by acres of green
Blue skies and blue water forever

Strange apparition on the beach

Closer now
A giant inflatable turned sideways at the waters edge
Chairs on the left
Tables and chairs on the right

“Por favor, what is going on?”

“Welcome Senora”
(no longer senorita)

“It is Night at the Oscars!”
“Really…and complimentary for all guests Senora.
Starts just as soon as the sun sets.”

Goodness how did they know I was not wanting to miss this ritual.
Why I had even sat through the entire “The Life and Times of Llewelyn”
Not to miss the big event now

It would soon be cooler
Must return for a wrap in the room

Radiant sky now
Sun descending
Chairs filling up fast

Found one!
Next to three females (from California, no less)

Darkness now
There is Ellen projected onto the enormous screen
She’s speaking Spanish
We’re all smiling ‘cause it’s Ellen
10 minutes go by
Not sure what we are watching because it is in rapid fire Spanish

But what the hay…we have red wine and popcorn

Suddenly Ellen is joking with Meryl
We all applaud

“Mr. Hublot” wins for Animated Short
I caught that one at home in Santa Fe at The Screen

There is Meryl screeching in “August: Osage County”
Dame Judi Dench persevering in “Philomena”
(those Catholics)
Sandra floating in Space
And the winner is…
Amazing actress and my choice of film
Woody I may not understand your personal life but this was a genius of a film for our times

Getting darker and cooler now
Deep blue
Navy shadows
Not a good idea to walk beach back (being female and alone)
Lose my way amongst the palms and canals
Meet lost Canadian couple
Together we twist and turn through mazes of walkways
Arrive at the new hub
Architectural wonder
Grand Piano in the middle of a lake

Love to stop and listen but I’ve been up since 4:00am

My new short term home
Hear noises coming from the bar
Yikes there is Matthew McConaughey accepting Best Actor

11:30 or is it midnight
Time for bed

Alone but not alone
Perfect start to another adventure

Fall to sleep to the sound of waves breaking below my window.

Christine Boss retired from a successful career as a residential designer. In addition to adopting new places, she loves music, reading, bicycling and hiking.

After retiring from a successful entrepreneurial career as an interior designer and realtor in San Francisco, Christine Boss adopted Santa Fe, NM as her new home. She is an avid bicyclist and hiker who loves music, reading and travel. Puerto Vallerta is one of her favorite destinations.