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Part IV – “Somewhere Out There…”
I think back to the time I was living a year in LA on an academic leave. I kept driving

Birthmother/daughter reunion - Pat knew the day would come  and it did!

Birthmother/daughter reconnected. It took 32 years for mother and daughter meet again, but now they have bonded — forever.

by the exits to Burbank. It became such an obsession I finally just turned off and drove through the town. I headed up an Arts Program in Illinois and frequently did “dog and pony shows” promoting the program. I was haunted by the song from a Disney movie, the lyrics starting with “Somewhere out there…” Linda has just moved to Burbank the same year I moved to LA. She was a flutist and had her own company at the time. I was part of a panel at Northern Illinois University for our Arts Plan. Linda was playing flute in the group which played before were I was introduced. I found out she loved that song as much as I did.
I have a place I “hang out in” and have what 
I refer to as my adoptive family.

I always celebrate my birthday there. They know never to come singing “Happy Birthday” or anything like that, but each of the singers will sing my favorite song that night. A friend and I were there this one year and it was such a lovely night. As they do regularly for birthdays, there were glittery things all over the table; they sang my favorite songs, gave me a free dessert. It was all wonderful. Then here comes Richard, a very large man, saying ,”Well Pat, here’s another song for you. We just got a call for this from your daughter.” I’m thinking, my daughter doesn’t even know I’m here or anything about my so called adoptive family. I start asking questions and Richard’s reply was, “Hey, all I know is we just got this phone call; it was your daughter she she asked if we knew this song. I said yes, and she said please sing it for my Mother’s birthday. And so they did. “Somewhere out there…..

Friday:Pat’s blog marathon concludes. Of course, as adoptees and their families (both adopted and original) know, the story never really ends.