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Guest Post by Kerry Thompson

In time for Father's Day

In time for Father’s Day

I recently witnessed the birth of my first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl.  I watched my adoptive son with awe as he whispered kind and gentle words of encouragement to the mother of his child as she labored to bring new life into this world.  She handed him the gift of a daughter; tears flowed from his eyes while he held his infant close and told her, “I will never leave you and I will always protect you!”
In the next few days’ my thoughts wandered back to when I first met my son and his birth mother; she often comes to mind on these important occasions during my son’s life.  She was ill when she delivered our son; six weeks premature and very fragile.  The Social Worker who arranged the adoption called to tell me the birth mother wanted to meet and introduce me to my new son; this would be the first time I was to meet her.   I took flowers to the hospital for her, such a small gesture for the woman who had just given birth alone without family by her side.   She was beautiful, kind and grateful I would want to give her baby a home and the best I could offer.
I am still humbled by the memory of her walking down the hall to the Neo-natal unit (NICU) introducing us to the infant she would say good bye to and place him in the care of people she did not know.  I answered all her questions including what he would IMG_0126be named.
As I approached the window to the NICU all I could see was the top of his little blonde head; tubes and wires from the isolette were his life line to the world.  He would make small movements and I knew he was determined to make his presence known.  His birthmother and I held hands and cried together forging a bond for this little soul, our son.  Five days passed before she signed adoption rights over to our family; and I would enter the NICU to hold my son for the first time.    When I looked into my son’s eyes I saw the universe in its entire splendor, but I also saw the brave women who gave birth to him; and as I hold my granddaughter in my arms I will whisper in her ear “You are loved by those who came before you and you will never be alone”.


Kerry is from New Mexico and works in the field of child nutrition, social services

Guest blogger Kerry Thompson

Guest blogger Kerry Thompson

and health care.  She likes to hike, quilt and spend time with family and friends.